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About the 2012 fall Canton fair

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China import and export commodity fair (Canton fair) profile: China import and export fair, also called the China export commodities fair, founded in the spring of 1957, during the spring and autumn every year held in guangzhou, and so far, 53 years old, is China's current history the most long, the highest level, the largest and most commodities, come from the most the most widely distributed and country areas, clinch a deal the best effect, the credibility of the best comprehensive international trade event.
The China export commodities fair export exhibition area by 48 international composition, from the national more than twenty thousand home with good credit standing, strong foreign trade companies, production enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign invested enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, etc.
The China export commodities fair in import and export trade mainly, trade modes are flexible and diversified, in addition to the traditional see sample clinch a deal outside, still hold online trade fair, and carry out various forms of economic and technical cooperation and the exchange, and commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting business activities. Customers from all over the world gathered guangzhou, share market, improve the friendship.
The 2012 fall Canton fair time founded s spring 1957 exhibition period a year two terms
The 112th Canton fair held the first stage: on October 15, 2012-19, the second stage: on October 23, 2012-27, the third stage: on October 31, 2012 - November 4,
Each session 5 days
The exhibition site China import and export fair exhibition hall (guangzhou sea bead area read river road 380)
Exhibition area of 1.13 million square meters (2010 autumn intersection)
The total booth number 57136 (in autumn 2010 intersection)
Turnover of recently reported
To the overseas buyers 200612 (in autumn 2011 intersection)
The number of exhibitors 23599 family circumstances inside and outside enterprise (2010 autumn intersection)
In the fall of 2012 Canton fair exhibition range
The 112th Canton fair exhibition range and time:
The first period on October 15, 2012-19
Heavy industry categories: large machinery and equipment small mechanical bicycle motorcycle auto parts chemical hardware tools vehicle engineering machinery household appliances consumer electronics products to electrical and electronic computer and communication products lighting product architecture and decoration materials sanitary equipment import exhibition area
The second period on October 23, 2012-27
Light industry daily consumption category: eat hutch appliance daily-use ceramics craft ceramic household adornment glass crafts furniture weaving and rattan iron handicraft botanical garden products stone products (outdoor) home supplies personal care appliance bathroom supplies watch glasses toys gift and premium holiday articles
The third stage on October 31, 2012 - November 4,
Textile garment and pharmaceutical care class: men and women put children's wear underwear, sportswear, casual wear QiuGe skin down and products costume jewellery and fittings household textile raw material fabrics and carpets tapestry food native produce pharmaceutical and health care medical equipment, consumables, dressing sports and tourism leisure products office stationery shoe bags imported exhibition area
The 112th Canton fair address: pazhou exhibition (China · guangzhou sea bead area read river road 380) to edit this period of China import and export fair exhibition China import and export fair pazhou exhibition hall initial covers an area of 414000 square meters and a building area of 395000 square meters, a second exhibition hall, 13, display area is about 130000 square meters, outdoor exhibition area of 22000 square meters, at the end of 2002 officially put into use, is currently the largest exhibition center in Asia. China import and export fair pazhou exhibition hall (1) station at pazhou international exhibition center is the Asian largest and most advanced facilities, highest level, can satisfy the large international commodities fair, large trade exhibitions and other need multi-functional, comprehensive, high standards of international exhibition center. In this exhibition, more can reveal exhibition grade and class. (2) the station at pazhou international exhibition center is a high-tech, intelligence, and ecology of perfect combination of modern buildings, according to the country 5 a intelligent building standard design, construction in a large number of application of international new and high science and technology, intelligent, ventilation, traffic system embodies the world advanced level, Storey height, ground load, power supply can meet the large machinery exhibition, sailing show all kinds of exhibition hall requirement strict exhibition requirements; (3) a single exhibition hall area of 10000 M2 in both left and right sides, and the building facade design is reasonable, a, 2 thirteen exhibition hall each have open appearance, multiple exhibition held at the same time, does not interfere with each other. Exhibition hall without column space is large, efficiency is high, especially to install effect is very good. (4) exhibition hall will be put to the surrounding the construction of exhibition associated facilities such as hotels, office buildings, Banks, commercial service, museums, etc., can fully satisfy customers business requirements. (5) the traffic convenience, with the subway platform, east, west, south, north to have the urban trunk road. Already the opening of the metro line 2 at metro line 4 and future here intersection, subway 3 line will also from a nearby after. There are 137, 203, 206 fast line, 229, 262,, etc. Multiple bus here site set up. Edit this section 112th Canton fair exhibition application divided booth application
Divided booth number is international according to each place or system exports to approved by the international distribution to all exhibitors. Apply for the China export commodities fair divided booth place enterprise must first to the local competent department in charge of the China export commodities fair work present an application in written form. Apply for divided booth need to enterprise application area of goods export performance, domestic sales and trademark registration and certification audit, etc, unified scoring system, concrete according to the province of guangdong international is divided booth management regulations (try out) "execution.
Ensure that sexual booth application
Ensure that sexual booth arrangement is mainly used for foreign trade and economic cooperation department key support and development of famous-brand export commodities and has development outlook, high technology, high value-added famous xinte exhibits exhibition, to support a excellent enterprise and improve the level of planning. Conditions of application and need to submit data in accordance with the China export commodities fair specific assurance of brand class booth candidate enterprise evaluation standard of the relevant qualifications implementation. Ensure that sex is not included in the booth booth points

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